Aiure :: Nature First Laundry Pods 30pc/Bag

$ 13.50

Mother Nature designed the perfect ingredient for laundry : soap berries (fruit from the Himalayan Sapindus mukorossi tree). Nature First by aiure uniquely concentrates wild-harvested soap berries (used since ancient times for home and skin care) into an economic and effective laundry solution that cleans fabric - thoroughly lifting away dirt, stains, and odors - and sanitizes the laundry drum, leaving no residue on washing machines, linens, and skin or in the water, soil and air.

Fragrance, dye & toxic-free
Ideal for sensitive skin & babies
Safe for fine fabrics
Will not cause colors to fade
Softens fabric - no need for dryer sheets !
Antimicrobial, odor-eliminators
Biodegradable - safe for pipe, septic and gray water systems
Formulated for Standard and HE machines
100% Compostable Packaging