Printworks :: Drink Tools

$ 60.00

Introducing the essential kit for creating the most refreshing cocktails - a refined toolbox in an elegant book-like box. Inside, you'll find an ice thong, a Hawthorne strainer, and a jigger, each serving as essential tools in the world of mixology to ensure the creation of a well-crafted and balanced drink.

Included in this sophisticated set:
• Ice Thong - ensures the cleanliness and purity of ice cubes, preventing contamination for a safe and refreshing drink.
• Hawthorne Strainer - strains out unwanted particles, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable cocktail texture.
• Jigger - ensures precise ingredient measurements, leading to consistently balanced and flavorful cocktails.
• Plus, uncover recipes for timeless drinks.

Explore The Essentials - Tool Box collection, a synergy of aesthetics and practicality, encompassing Cheese, Wine, Cocktails, and Tea. Say goodbye to kitchen clutter - these book-like boxes elegantly blend into your home, elevating your space with style and purpose. All products are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.