Te Plus Te :: Wood Chip Sachet 2bags/pack

$ 20.00

Hinoki cypress, prized for its fragrance, beauty and therapeutic properties, has been used in Japanese temples, shrines, and bathhouses for centuries.

The 100% cotton bag is filled with Hinoki wood chips made from the core for its full aroma strength.

Rub chips gently to release their healing power and aroma.

• Soak chips in a calming bath; dry them for reuse
• Deodorize drawers, closets, gym bags, shoes
• Nest in or on pillow to invite deep sleep 
• Relieve tension and stress with Hinoki aroma
• Purify with Hinoki’s antibacterial and decongestant qualities

Content: Two 1.4 oz. cotton sachets filled with Hinoki wood chips.

Made in Japan. 

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