Bare Essential :: Artisanal Soaps 2.4oz

$ 10.00

Ultra-nourishing handcrafted luxury soaps made in Ireland from small batches using only high quality, ethically sourced natural ingredients. 

This gentle formula is perfect for daily cleansing of face and body.

Vegan friendly.

Scented with essential oil blends and made using plant oils, butters, herbs, spices and mineral pigments.

Bars come wrapped in glassine paper and logo sticker

Summer Blaze ~ key notes of orange, green mandarin and pink pepper


Basil Cedar Wood ~

Aroma : basil and lavender

Botanical: activated charcoal

Key ingredient: cocoa butter



Chamomile Meadow ~ 

Aroma: rose geranium, chamomile, lavender

Botanicals: nettle leaf and turmeric powder

Key ingredient: sweet almond oil



Ginger Spice ~

Aroma: ginger, nutmeg, rose geranium and orange

Botanicals: paprika and cocoa powder

Key ingredient: Irish canola oil.



Jasmine Lime & Grapefruit ~

Aroma: jasmine, lime and grapefruit

Botanical: kaolin clay

Key ingredient: shea butter.



Lavender Cedarwood ~

Aroma: bergamot, lavender, cedarwood and marjoram

Botanicals: activated charcoal and paprika

Key ingredient: Irish canola oil.



Lemongrass ~

Aroma: lemongrass, patchouli and rose geranium

Botanicals: nettle leaf and carrot tissue

Key ingredient: avocado oil.



Neroli Ylang ~

Aroma: neroli, ylang ylang, citrus and black pepper

Botanicals: orange peel powder and paprika

Key ingredient: extra virgin olive oil.



Patchouli Earth ~

Aroma: patchouli, rosemary, orange and rose geranium

Botanicals: turmeric and rosemary powder

Key ingredients: milk and cocoa butter.



Sunny Citrus ~

Aroma: bergamot, orange and rose geranium

Botanicals: orange peel powder and paprika

Key ingredient: extra virgin olive oil.



Wet Stone Juniper ~

Aroma: cypress, juniper and sweet marjoram

Botanicals: activated charcoal and kaolin clay

Key ingredient: extra virgin olive oil.



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