Earl of East :: Strand Home Mist

$ 37.00

This home fragrance room spray will transform your space in just a few sprays. Our Strand scent is inspired by the city of Copenhagen. It is a complex scent combining the salty notes of seaweed with birchwood, bay leaf and mandarin rind to create a rich scent perfect for evenings at home or for a sophisticated dinner party.

  • Scent: Seaweed, birchwood, bay leaf, mandarin
  • Hand blended room spray
  • Made with a bespoke blend of fragrance & essential oils
  • Size: 100ml [3.5oz]
  • Recyclable glass bottle with spray lid
  • Inspired by travel, made in London

Benefits: The fresh and citrusy aroma of mandarin is known for its balancing and uplifting properties.

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