Le Feu de L’eau :: Votive

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The Votive Collection offers 12 travel size glass container candles that are samplers to Le Feu de L'eau's popular Artisanal Collection fragrances.
Lead free cotton wicks, soy wax and every 2.85 oz. candle has an estimated burn time of 22 hours.
Made in the USA.
Le Feu Gris
MUSK + SMOKE Woods / Musk / Amber / Nutmeg / Sandalwood Le Feu Gris translates to “The Fire Of Grey”
Le Feu Ivoire
PATCHOULI + AMBER Patchouli / Sandalwood / Cedar / Amber Le Feu Ivoire translates to “The Fire Of Ivory”
Le Feu Violet
GRAPEFRUIT + TOBACCO Grapefruit / Geranium / Tobacco Leaves / Mahogany Le Feu Violet translates to “The Fire Of Violet” 
Le Feu Bleu Nuit
BLACK + RED CURRANT Black Currant / Red Currant / Cassis / Vanilla Le Feu Bleu Nuit translates to “The Fire Of Midnight Blue”