Luis Romero Little Prince Painting

$ 260.00
A symbol of gratitude,
Hand painted by Luis Romero on papel amate, a traditional Mexican handmade paper. Expect slight variations in details, making each piece one of a kind. Signed by the artist.
Acrylic paint on papel amate, a traditional Mexican handmade paper. Framed with golden wooden frame.

Approx. 5"x7" 

Each piece is custom framed in a hand built, golden-leaf wooden frame. 

Luis Romero captures the beauty and vibrant color of old Mexico. His folkloric illustrations are storytellers, memories on paper.

He is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Mexico City and influenced by the city's creative undercurrent. As a young adult he moved to Seattle, WA where he spent 15 years. There, he reimagined the Mexico of his youth and through painting, he explored his Mexican soul.

In 2018 Luis moved back to Mexico to San Miguel de Allende where he creates with his wife River in their joint studio, just like Frida & Diego.

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