TU-ET-AL :: Obsidian Bar Soap

$ 17.00

Purifying Cold Processed Soap

TU·ET·AL's cold-processed soaps are handcrafted with plant derived base oils from Mother Earth, potentiated spring water, and scented with 100% ethically harvested essential oils. Their packaging is as intentional as their ingredients, featuring letterpressed soap boxes locally made with domestic cotton stock 

Obsidian embodies dark beauty. Intoxicating scents of patchouli and cedar draw you into the vast abyss as the top note of citrus brings in the light through the darkness. Charcoal pulls out the power and beauty you possess underneath the skin.

Each bar is approximately 5.5 ounces

Contains saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Kokum Butter, Castor, and Jojoba, potentiated spring water, essential oils, activated charcoal

Alchemically crafted in the Catskill Mountains

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